NCJW Pittsburgh is part of a powerful network of over 100 NCJW sections, section branches, affinity groups, and statewide groups, spread across the nation. Members of all of these affiliations share a commitment to the mission of NCJW and the belief that progressive ideals put into action can improve the world. Together, these members impact over 500 communities, addressing the needs of women, children, and families at the local level by identifying distinct challenges, developing strategic responses, and delivering support and strength from coast to coast.

NCJW members and supporters across the country work together with one another, coalition partners, and the NCJW offices in Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem to take action on a  wide variety of domestic and international issues. Guided by NCJW’s mission and resolutions, this ambitious yet focused public policy agenda solidifies NCJW’s position at the forefront of social change.

Get Involved On a National Level