Back 2 School Store

Masked up and ready, volunteers for our 2020 B2SS deliver backpacks to Pittsburgh schools and partner agencies.

The Back 2 School Store (B2SS) helps underprivileged children begin the school year on an equal footing with their peers, preparing students for success by fostering positive self-esteem and sparking enthusiasm for the upcoming school year.

Elementary school students from pre-qualified families say NCJW partners with approximately 30 social service agencies, schools, and community organizations to provide children in grades K-5 brand new clothing, shoes, outerwear, hygiene kits, books, and school supplies at no cost. While the children select their items with a volunteer personal shopper, caregivers visit our Resource Room to connect with local organizations and agencies for assistance with health care, parenting, financial literacy, career development, and other social services.

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