Book Drives

Every child who visits our Children’s Rooms in the Courts receives an age-appropriate book to take home and keep. For some children, this will be their first book to call their own.

NCJW works all year to find, collect, and distribute new or very gently used infant and children’s books for this important project. We also maintain a well-stocked reading corner in each Playroom, helping to promote early literacy.

We typically accept donations of new and very gently used infant and children’s books year-round at our office in Squirrel Hill. While The Children’s Rooms were closed or operating at a significantly reduced capacity during much of the pandemic, many people cleared out their homes of outgrown items, including boxes of books. As such, we have a bounty of books, for which we are grateful, but we have more than we can store so will put a pause on donations in 2023.

The Rooms are open, and we are giving away books once again at a quick clip. We expect we will want to resume collecting books in 2024 and hope that you will host a book drive or bring your outgrown books at that time.