Community Closet

What Is Kids Community Closet?

Kids Community Closet will provide under-resourced children with clothing, underwear, socks, backpacks, school supplies and personal care items on site to allow them to attend school every day, which maximizes their learning potential.

When Can We Expect Items?

NCJW will coordinate with the school/organization liaison. The first available dates will not be until August, 2020. 

How Will NCJW Help?

NCJW will work with school and agency partner liaisons to determine the needs of under-resourced children at their school/ organization. When a child needs an item from the closet, they will be discreetly assisted by staff and caregivers will be notified. NCJW will have check in times with the school/ agency liaison throughout the year to coordinate additional items being delivered, as well as to receive data on the number of children served so NCJW can accurately report back to our funders.

Each school/ agency partner will have a NCJW liaison who works with the liaison to stock and maintain the closet. If able, NCJW will continually adapt inventory at each site to meet their evolving needs as the seasons change and as the children grow.

Volunteers will  pick up and deliver what the site needs. The frequency of visits depends on each individual site’s needs and the availability of the volunteers.

Why was this program created?

For five (5) years, NCJW has run a program called the Back 2 School Store. The Back 2 School Store (B2SS) helps under-resourced children begin the school year on an equal footing with their peers, preparing students for success by fostering positive self-esteem and sparking enthusiasm for the upcoming school year.

Elementary school students from pre-qualified families have the opportunity to shop for brand new clothing, shoes, outerwear, and school supplies at no cost. While the children select their items with a volunteer personal shopper in the B2SS, parents visit the  Resource Room to connect with local organizations and agencies for assistance with health care, parenting, financial literacy, career development, and other social services.

Due to COVID-19, NCJW is unable to facilitate the store as usual. Instead, NCJW decided to work with community agencies and schools to form a year-round program to ensure NCJW will still be able to serve the needs of our community at this time.


NCJW has a long history of volunteering in the Pittsburgh community. For over 125 years we have worked to improve the lives of women, children, and families in our community. If your site has a need and the space for volunteers to help distribute the items; NCJW can work with the site directly on a volunteer schedule. Fill out this form, and we will be in touch with more information.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact Meredith Brown, NCJW Director of Community Service and Volunteer Engagement at

Thank you to our funders & partners:

The Grable Foundation * The Jack Buncher Foundation * The Philip Chosky Charitable and Educational Foundation * Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation Arlington Elementary *King Elementary* Arsenal K-8* Edgewood Primary School* ACH* AIU* Best of the Batch Foundation *Big Brothers Big Sisters* Boys & Girls Club* Casa San Jose* DHS* Family Resource Center * JFCS* Kingsley Association *Providence Family Support Center* Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church* Women and Children’s Shelter* Yeshiva Day School