NCJW Pittsburgh Section is grateful to the many Pittsburgh individuals and families who have established scholarships to support Jewish students in their educational, and ultimately professional, pursuits. Together, they are helping the next generation of leaders.

Included below is a list of active NCJW scholarships. To learn more information about the following scholarships and to apply, please visit:  



NCJW Anniversary Fund/Post Secondary- Post secondary majors/majors benefitting women and children. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA

NCJW Balter D Fund– Disabled or majoring in special education

NCJW Balter M Fund– General need

NCJW Caplan Endowment Fund- Creative/performing arts majors, majors in the health care profession

NCJW Ellovich Endowment Fund- General need

NCJW Feldman Endowment Fund-Majoring in business or education

NCJW Grotstein Endowment Fund- General Need

NCJW Guttman Endowment Fund– Accepted to or attending University of Pittsburgh

NCJW Krasik Endowment Fund- Mature student returning or returned to school after an interruption

NCJW Kruman Family Endowment Fund- Music major

NCJW Libson Endowment Fund- Law student

NCJW Lieber Scholarship Endowment Fund- General need

NCJW Mendelbaum Endowment Fund- Student from a single parent family. First preference goes to a student attending an Ivy League school

NCJW Porter Scholarship Endowment Fund- General need

NCJW Rosen Endowment Fund- General need

NCJW Sklar Endowment Fund- Disabled

NCJW Stem Endowment Fund- General need

NCJW Strauss Endowment Fund- General need plus involvement in extra curriculars/academics

NCJW Tauberg Endowment Fund- Accepted to/attends Pitt Medical School

NCJW Whitman Endowment Fund- Accepted to/attending medical school or majoring in health related profession

NCJW Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund- Majoring in social work or mental health profession

NCJW Frank Fund- Accepted to/attending University of Pittsburgh