Suit Yourself

The Suit Yourself Voucher Program gives people re-entering the workforce and needing proper attire after graduating from programs of recovery and job-readiness the opportunity to obtain a professional wardrobe at no cost. Clients shop for themselves, assisted by our volunteers, in a welcoming retail environment filled with beautiful clothes.

The right clothes for a job interview or new job boosts their confidence, allowing them a better chance at getting jobs, maintaining good job performance, and ultimately improving the lives of themselves and their families.


“I would like to thank NCJW for helping me find the right suit for an interview. I was part of the program through POWER that taught us how to be more professional when looking for a job…I felt very good going on that interview and I think it helped me get the job. If I was not in that program, I would not have the right thing to wear. Now I can go to work and have a better life for my family. NCJW made me feel good about myself.” – Michelle


Get involved!

NCJW partners with many local nonprofit agencies to meet this need. Agencies interested in more information should contact Thriftique at 412-724-4951.