Engage and Volunteer with Us.

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Contact Kate Rothstein (krothstein@ncjwpgh.org) with any questions about getting involved with NCJW Pittsburgh.

The following programs have opportunities for your involvement….


Children’s Rooms in the Courts

Our Children’s Rooms in the Courts is the only project of its kind in the country, providing parents and guardians who are involved in court proceedings — as well as prospective and impaneled jurors — a safe and nurturing place to secure their children while they are involved in court business. Each year, the Children’s Rooms provide free care for more than 5,000 children. Volunteers with clearances help out in the rooms during weekdays.


Join us at our social enterprise resale store to help with various tasks, including customer service, tagging and hanging clothes, sorting items as needed, and more. Thriftique volunteer hours can be as flexible as you like.  Volunteers can earn vouchers for completed shifts.

Designer Days at Thriftique

Our fall and spring designer sales are two of the biggest fundraisers of the year that support our community service and advocacy programs for women, children, and families. Volunteers help in every area in the store, including in the dressing room, at the jewelry counter, at the checkout, and more. All volunteers receive a $15 certificate to spend at Thriftique for each 3+ hour shift they complete.

NCJW Book Drive

Every year, NCJW gives away thousands of gently used books to children visiting our Rooms in the Courts. Volunteers help secure new locations to hold book collections and label bins of books. Book labeling is an all ages activity that can be done with young children and groups!


Photo Policy

Volunteers’/participants’ photos and/or comments may be used for publicity purposes without compensation or prior notification.

NCJW may videotape or photograph participants enrolled in programs, classes and events. These are for NCJW and community publications, publicity, brochures, web use, other electronic communications or video usage. All photos and videos are for NCJW use and become the sole property of NCJW. Please contact the staff member overseeing the program for photographic exclusions.